A holiday rental in Provencal Drome, at the foot of Mont-Ventoux

Location / access

There’s so much on offer in and around Mollans; scenic views that are a feast for the eyes; old villages like Mollans that trace their histories to 12th century and Roman times and each is highly individual in character. There are bustling and colourful markets in the major villages and small towns within a radius of 35 km from here to mark most days of the week and cultural festivals during the summer months. You’ll find Mollans people friendly and welcoming. Mollans has found a way of striking just the right balance between attracting visitors and maintaining its traditional rural and artisanal based economy. Above all Mollans has a sunny disposition and a timeless charm that draws you to explore her streets and wander over the old bridge... and enjoy just another delight.

Some distances

Buis les baronnies : 10 Km
Vaison la Romaine : 12 Km
Nyons : 21 Km
Carpentras : 31 Km
Orange : 39 Km
Bollène : 46 Km
Avignon : 55 Km
Marseille : 143 Km
Lyon : 222 Km
Paris : 679 Km